The Dolce Vita project is the result of 15 years of creation and cooperation with important brands of the furniture industry. These experiences aroused the wish to express our identity.

From then on, we devoted, all our energy to this objective. Our designer, our design office, as well as the whole company deployed all their skills to develop collections translating our aspiration: share the Mediterranean lifestyle.

The ambition which livened up our team and always urges it to aim for more originality finds its source in new technical and aesthetical challenges, in order to answer the permanent pursuit of originality of our customers. This emulation, combined with the affirmation of our personality is the driving force of our work.

For this purpose we did not stop getting to know new technologies and new materials. We concentrated at first our efforts on steel and mastered the major problem which corrosion. Then from aluminum simple products we learnt to master light alloys and all their mechanical constraints to address the users requirements.

Today the new trails are called fabrics, foam, polystyrene and stainless steel, which from the state of spare parts become main material, but also teak, as a component as well as a structure.

Only a strong knowledge of these materials from our designer as well as an open mind and generosity from our suppliers made the realization of this last challenge possible.